CEAP® Certification

Initial Certification

Welcome! Becoming certified differentiates you as an emerging or established professional who has mastered the EAP body of knowledge. Find out why individuals and organizations value certification. 


 Candidacy Overview

CEAP® candidacy begins when an individual registers as a CEAP® candidate and pays the related CEAP® candidate registration fee.  Along with a payment receipt, the candidate is immediately sent an email with instructions for completing the orientation requirement. Candidates then have three years in which to complete all certification requirements and pay all certification fees. The candidacy expiration date is shown in the candidate’s User Account profile. After the Candidate has passed the CEAP® exam and the activation fee has been paid, candidacy ends and the initial three-year certification period begins.


 Overview of Certification Requirements

To earn the CEAP® credential, all candidates must complete: 

        EAP work experience requirement;  
      CEAP® Orientation;
      Professional development hours (PDHs) across three domains;
      A CEAP® candidate-specific ethics course;
      The CEAP® exam with a passing score; and
      Payment of all certification fees.      

Download a checklist with all requirements, hereAll candidates must complete all CEAP® Exam Eligibility Requirements as detailed in sections C1.3 – C1.7 of the CEAP® Certification Policies document prior to submitting an application to take the CEAP® exam. Download exam application here.


 Certification Fees

Certification fees may be paid in advance, or with the corresponding step in the initial certification process. Certification is not complete until the candidate has met all all eligibility requirements, passed the CEAP® exam, and paid all certification fees.  View Certification Fee Schedule

EAPA membership is not required to earn or maintain certification. However, EAPA members can save up to $225 on certification fees.  Additional discounts are available to members who earn professional development hours through EAPA.


Register as a CEAP® Candidate

The first step in the process is to register as a CEAP® candidate


Candidate Support

The CEAP® is an experience-based certification. Conversations with others in the profession are strongly encouraged. Attend EAPA chapter or branch meetings, EAP conferences, and contact active CEAPs to learn more about the profession.

 Educational resources:

Study resources:

Other resources:


 The CEAP® Exam 

The CEAP® exam is psychometrically developed and maintained by the Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC) and a AMP/PSI, a professional testing service. The CEAP® exam is offered in English, Japanese, and Mandarin. The U.S. English version contains 230 questions, 200 of which are scored. The other 30 questions are being pre-tested for evaluation as future scored test items. The non-scored questions are not counted in a candidate's score. Candidates living or working under U.S. law take this version of the exam. International versions of the CEAP®  exam, exclude items specific to U.S. law and healthcare system. This version contains 155 questions. Candidates have a maximum of four hours to complete the exam. 


 Certification Activation

The CEAP® credential is not valid and may not be used on business cards, in electronic signatures, etc. until the activation fee has been paid. Once all requirements have been fulfilled, the three year certification period begins, the CEAP is listed in the CEAP® Directory, and the verify a CEAP® directory and a formal CEAP® certificate is mailed. Please allow six to eight weeks for certificate delivery.


 CEAP® Credentialing Policies

The CEAP® Credentialing Policies document reflects the most current and accurate information regarding CEAP® certification. The text in this document supersedes that found on this website, forms, or any other previously published information. 

  Questions? Email or call certification 703.387.1000