EAPA 2019 Call for Proposals

2019 Call for Proposals

The 2019 Call for Proposals is closed

Thank you for your interest in presenting at 2019 EAPA St. Louis Conference and EXPO! 

The EAPA Conference Program Committee is seeking high-quality proposals to enhance the value, practice and performance of employee assistance professionals across the globe. Submissions must clearly identify and address the EA role in issues, solutions, and outcomes in the workplace.
Please focus your proposal on any combination of the following themes:

  1. Proven strategies to develop and enhance an EA professional's knowledge and understanding of the uniqueness of each workplace in order to better serve both client companies and employees.

  2. Demonstrated EA working collaboration with the client organization (HR, benefits, existing union bargaining units, occupational medicine, and/or organizational consultants, etc.). Challenges, solutions, and outcomes to enhance workplace collegial relationships, while demonstrating EA value and utility.

  3. The EA role in facilitating reintegration to the workplace following substance abuse / mental health treatment, or post injury / trauma / physical challenges.  The presentation needs to address the EA role in working with the individual, as well as the EA role in providing education and support for the manager and co-workers. Attention to policy issues and outcomes are needed.

  4. Preparing EA professionals for working with diverse employee populations (the aging employee, disability inclusion, all variations of global workplace diversity, LGBTQIA, etc.) that require expanded knowledge, skills and recognition of an ever evolving diverse workplace. Attention to policy issues and outcomes are needed.

  5. Demonstrating EA role and EA service delivery in responding to, steering, and leading opportunities to advance workplace culture through EA knowledge and experience with diverse / special constituencies in the workplace, through disruptive event preparedness, and through an understanding workplace, regulatory, and social norms. 

  6. Introduce and demonstrate technology that has enhanced EA impact on the workplace. Outcome measures need to be provided.  

How to submit your proposal

Sessions with 1 Speaker:

  • Fill out and submit the 2019 Call for Proposals Form in its entirety.

Sessions with 2-4 Speakers:

  • Designate one person to be the primary speaker. That person will be the point-of-contact for all conference related information.
  • The primary speaker must ensure that all information for each subsequent speaker is included in the 2019 Call for Proposals Form.  

The 2019 Call for Proposals is closed

Proposals submitted after this date will not be considered.

  • Please only submit complete forms. Partial proposals will not be considered. 
  • You must have all of your information ready before you respond to the call for proposals as you will not be able to save your work to edit it later.  Click here for a template which can be used as a guide for the required information for your submission. Do Not submit your proposal using this form. You must use the online form.
  • If your proposal is accepted, you will be asked to complete the EAPA speaker agreement.

Questions?  Contact Julia Barnes at (703) 387-1000 x318 [+1 703.387.1000, x-318] or j.barnes@eapassn.org. Julia is at the EAPA Arlington, Virginia, USA office, on USA/Eastern Time..