The EAS-C is no longer supported by EAPA and is discontinued

Employee Assistance network developers rely on their proprietary processes to vet potential network affiliate providers, and not the EAS-C. At this point, the EAS-C has not achieved marketplace acceptance, or the critical mass needed to be financially sustainable. 

While we are not replacing the EAS-C, EAPA is introducing several education and training courses, additional certification opportunities, and a new provider directory during the remainder of 2019. EAPA encourages you to take advantage of these opportunities:

Introduction to Employee Assistance:

This new EAPA training course will soon be available by live webinar, recorded webinar, and face-to-face training formats. For all current EAS-C holders, you will receive a code number for your use in registering for the new training course. Current EAS-C holders will be able to attend live webinars or view archived webinars of Introduction to EA at no charge. There will be a fee for participating in the face to face version of this course.

Your first opportunity to take the live, pre-conference classroom Introduction to Employee Assistance is at the EAPA 2019 Conference and Expo in St. Louis, MO! This session will include two sections:

1) Fundamentals of Employee Assistance and 2) Working Together: Building EA and Affiliate Partnerships

Click here to register for the Introduction to Employee Assistance Pre-Conference Training

New Provider Directory:

A new provider directory will be posted through the EAPA web site. Payment for placement on the new directory will allow you to advertise your services, areas of expertise, and all contact information. The directory will be publicly searchable by EA network developers, employers, and individuals seeking services. Current holders of EAS-C will be listed in the directory at no charge for the first year. For lapsed holders of EAS-C, you will be given a 50% price reduction on your directory listing for the first year of participation. Details, directory format, and sign-up instructions will be forthcoming.

We recognize that the work you do is challenging and dynamic, and that the Employee Assistance marketplace reflects that challenge with the need to constantly train and upgrade skills. Join us in furthering your professional development as we introduce new education and training opportunities, the Introduction to Employee Assistance course, and making your service expertise known through the new provider directory. Thank you.