Employee Assistance Specialist - Clinical (EAS-C)

Certificate Course and EAS Directory Information

The EAS-C is role-specific training designed for mental health professionals in private practice in the United States who contract with EAP companies to provide EA services to work organizations, employees, and family members. 

  EAS-C Course

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The majority of employee assistance programs (EAPs) provide employee assistance (EA) services via a network of mental health professionals in private practice. This course provides you with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge necessary to join affiliate provider panels and grow your private practice. Already on an EAP panel? How do you become the “go-to” clinician consistently providing high quality EAP assessment, referral, and short-term counseling services, yielding more referrals? The insider information in this course, and a listing in EAPA's EAS-C database, will give you the tools you can use to attract more EAP referrals to your practice.

Learning Objectives:
1) Identify the unique features of employee assistance programs and the role(s) filled by affiliate providers;
2) Articulate features of the relationship between the client work organization, the EAP, and the affiliate provider; and
3) Calibrate current assessment and clinical practices to meet the needs of EAP vendors and clients.

EAS-C Eligibility

In order to take the EAS-C course, you must 1) hold a master's degree or above in an EAP-related field; 2) be licensed for independent clinical practice according to applicable law; and 3) be in private practice within the United States. 

Students/EAP interns and others that do not meet these requirements may request  approval to participate without earning the EAS-C Certificate of Recognition and/or EAS-C database listing. Contact j.barnes@eapassn.org


 EAS Directory Information

The EAS directory is a valuable resource for EAP network managers looking for qualified affiliate providers and mental health professionals who wish to provide employee assistance services to EAP vendors. EAP services are delivered more effectively when the EAP vendor's affiliate provider network has a working knowledge of the reasons why companies provide EAP services, the unique features of EAP assessments, the EAP's unique focus on improving job performance and the differences between psychotherapy and EAP services. 

Upon completion of the EAS-C, your FREE 1 year directory listing will be activated.  In addition your contact information goes directly to the network managers of these EAP vendors who offer preferred provider status to EAS-C graduates and CEAPs:

     Behavioral Health Systems
     Bensinger DuPont & Associates  
     Personal Assistance Services 

Listing requirements: 1) complete the six hour EAS-C course in either the On-site or Online format; 2) pay applicable renewal fees and verify/update your practice contact information annually.

Currently recognized licenses for independent practice:
 Clinical Addiction Counseling (LCAC)
  Marriage & Family (LMFT)
Psychology (Lic. Psychologist)
 Social Work (CISW, CMSW, LCSW, LCSW-C, LICSW, LISW, LSCSW, LSW, MSW (Michigan))

Renewal Fees:
EAPA Members 
CEAPs in good standing
 $25.00 $50 FREE

Questions? Contact Julia Barnes, Education Administrator (703) 387-1000 x 318 j.barnes@eapassn.org


"As a network manager, I get many calls from providers that want to be on EAP networks to increase their number of referrals. They do so without skills or understanding about what EAP work is all about or think that the volume of EAP work that they do makes them 'experienced.' Though the CEAP and EAPA membership should be the ultimate goal, it is beneficial to have a training that providers can attend that will give consistent, valuable information about EAP services."    -Tim Sumiec, CEAP, Manager of Field Operations, Empathia, Inc.