EAPA offers many opportunities to help your business reach thousands of employee assistance professionals throughout the world.  Advertising and promotional channels are available:

On EAPA’s website

Banner ads are showcased at the top of every page on EAPA's website and appear prominently on mobile devices.  Each ad remains stationary as long as the viewer remains on that page.  Each ad has the "run of the site" on a random basis. The number of advertisers is limited to 8 in order to maximize impressions.  Final impressions/click summary is provided at the end of the ad term. LEARN MORE

In EAPA’s print publications

The Journal of Employee Assistance is distributed quarterly to all EAPA members by mail.  Every issue is also posted in a fully formatted (including ads) electronic edition.  Advertising in the Journal offers sustained print and electronic visibility to every EAPA member for your message.  LEARN MORE

The annual EAPA Conference and EXPO Conference Preview is distributed electronically in late May/early June to over 7,700 EAPA members, business partners, and other EA professionals. The Conference Program Book is a print publication distributed onsite at EAPA’s Annual World EAP Conference to all conference attendees and exhibitors.  Both publications deliver your advertising message to a highly motivated audience of EA professionals from around the world! LEARN MORE  

At the annual EAPA Conference and EXPO 

Multiple synergistic promotional opportunities for your products or services are available at every EAPA Conference and EXPO, including the Conference Preview Book and Program Book described above, exhibiting in the EXPO, and selecting a Conference Sponsorship that fits your budget and promotional goals.  LEARN MORE

Via direct mail

Use the power of direct mail to deliver your message directly to your target EAP customer.  Each EAPA mailing list rental is for one-time use only and may not be reproduced in any form or resold for another use. Items to be mailed must be of professional interest to EAPA members. Note: members can opt out of providing their contact information - so mailing list may not include all of EAPA's members. LEARN MORE



For more information about any of EAPA’s advertising or promotional opportunities, contact James B. Printup, MA, CEAP at 303-242-2046, sending a fax to 303-736-4390, or sending an e-mail to