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Substance Abuse Professional
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Please note: EAPA’s SAP Exam is currently available only as a written exam. Full instructions are located at the bottom of this page; when you are ready to register, please click here for the registration form.

Substance Abuse Professional Qualification and Update Training Information
EAPA provides DOT/SAP training and the DOT exam

Some EA professionals also provide DOT defined substance abuse professional (SAP) services. The EAP and SAP roles are not equivalent. It is very important that EAPs who work with employees presenting with drug or alcohol concerns who perform DOT defined safety-sensitive duties assist them without violating DOT regulations.

SAP Qualifications: 49 CFR, part 40, Subpart O states a SAP must possess certain credentials (CEAP or other listed credential), have knowledge and experience in substance abuse disorders, receive training on DOT regulations, and achieve a passing score on an examination. There is an additional continuing education requirement to complete 12 hours of professional development relevant to the performance of SAP duties, including information regarding any changes to the regulations. This must be completed within three years of the date of successful completion of the exam.

CEAPs are eligible to become SAPs: EAPA encourages all EA professionals and SAPs to obtain the CEAP credential.

Knowledge and experience in substance abuse disorders: Your CEAP credential or license does not automatically confer these knowledge requirements. You must be knowledgeable about and have clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of alcohol and controlled substances-related disorders

SAP training: EAPA annually offers classroom-based SAP training as a Pre-Conference Training Course. See EAPA's Annual World EAP Conference information for registration information.

Preparing for the SAP exam: Once you have met the other requirements, you may take the SAP exam. Be prepared to answer detailed questions regarding the entire 49 CFR, part 40 regulations and the Substance Abuse Professional Guidelines published by the United States Department of Transportation.

For additional information, visit the Substance Abuse Professional General Information section of the Department of Transportation's Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance.

EAPA's SAP Exam Information

EAPA's SAP Examination features:

  • Comprehensive: Covers CFR part 40, including modal rules, Subpart O and Substance Abuse Professional Guidelines
  • Timed: Two-hour time limit to complete exam
  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • Certificate attesting successful completion will follow via mail.
  • Discounted registration for ASAP members.
  • Even greater discounted registration for EAPA members!
To Take EAPA's DOT/SAP Qualifying Examination:
  1. Register for the Exam
  2. Wait to receive a hard copy of the exam in the mail.
  3. Mail back to EAPA for grading.
  4. Successful candidates will receive their certificates in the mail.
Examination Registration Fees:
     EAPA member: $150.00
     ASAP member*: $175.00
     Non-member: $200.00  
     Re-test member: $75.00
     Re-test Non-member: $100.00  

      *Contact ASAP directly for registration URL

Refund Policy: 
No refund will be given after exam has been mailed.  All refund requests are subject to a $50 administrative fee.

RE-TEST Information:
Examinees who do not pass the exam are eligible to re-test (re-register at 1/2 the original registration fee).  There is no waiting period to re-test except for time to process new test credentials.  A different version of the exam will be given each time the exam is taken.




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