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How to Login as a CEAP

If you are already logged in as an EAPA member, you will first have to log out BEFORE following the directions below to log in to CEAP only website pages.

The new EAPA website now requires CEAPs who seek access to CEAP-only content on the site to log in with a password that is unique to their CEAP records and status. Previously, the password used for this content has been the CEAP ID number (or member ID for EAPA member CEAPs) such as:

Login: Smith
Password: 056999

To access CEAP-only content on the new site, the password is modified slightly by preceding the CEAP ID with the character "C". Therefore, the CEAP-only login illustrated above is now:

Login: Smith
Password: C056999

Please note that the password is case-sensitive, so the password will always begin with a capital C.

This change only pertains to the access of CEAP-only content by current CEAPs. Member-only access continues to be controlled by the member login consisting of Last Name for the login, and Member Number for the password.

Should you have any questions, please contact EAPA staff at 703-387-1000, or

Make sure you have logged out of the Members Only section of the website, then....

Login to the CEAP-only content now or click HERE to recertify online.


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