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Library of Free Resources

Library of FREE Resources
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About the Library: Although no credit is available for any of the library content, the information is still valuable to those interested in learning about the work done by employee assistance professionals.

Content originally presented in a webinar format is presented here in it's full, unedited form. Please disregard any "dial-in" information. The audio is integrated into the recording and can be heard through your computer's speakers.

This is a FREE resource. EAPA is unable to issue certificates of completion for any content in the library.

To access a session click on the "Access Recording" link below the session description.

Alphabetical Listing of Library Resources

2007 Staying @ Work Survey: Highlights from US & Canadian Health & Productivity Scorecards Relevant to EAPs
Webinar presented by: Joseph Ricciuti, PhD; Steve Nyce, PhD; Mark Attridge, PhD
Presentation date: 08/13/08
EACC Domain II - 1 PDH/CE contact hour
This session offers an “inside look” at how large employers in the US and Canada are working to reduce costs and improve workplace productivity. Researchers and consultants from Watson Wyatt discuss survey results revealing current trends in corporate health, productivity, and disability management programs relevant to services provided by employee assistance programs.
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Behavioral Risk Management: An Employer Health & Productivity Initiative
Webinar presented by: Marcia Carruthers
Presentation date(s): Thursday, August 13th at Noon EDT
EACC Domain II - 1 PDH/CE contact hour
Investing in employee mental health is one of the most important initiatives that an employer can make in order to reduce absence, increase productivity and address the overall health of its employees. Integrating this aspect into a benefits program recognizes the prevalence of human behavior in everything that we do. Savvy employers now realize that having their employees “mentally healthy” can mean having them at work and focused rather than off work and unproductive. The use of innovative EAP’s is one of the primary ways that these kinds of programs can be successfully launched. (Read more...)
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Getting Back to Work: From Fired to Inspired to Hired
Webinar presented by: Linda K. Rolie
Presentation date(s): Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 2pm Eastern
EACC Domain III - 1 PDH/CE contact hour

losing a job can be devastating—financially, professionally, and emotionally. Employees impacted by layoff must deal with the challenging emotions that accompany job loss: fear, shock, anger, loss of self-esteem, identity and purpose. It is imperative to successful career transition that job seekers not bring negative emotional baggage into future job interviews. As an EA professional who desires to acquire career counseling competencies, you can learn to help those individuals quickly move through the stages of loss and move on by attending this webinar. (Read more...)

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Jump Start: Helping Your Clients Overcome Barriers to 12-Step Involvement in Early Recovery
Webinar presented by: Kelly Madigan Erlandson
Presentation date(s): 9/11/08
EACC Domain III - 1 PDH/CE contact hour
The initial days and weeks of recovery are a time of crisis for most people. EA professionals recognize, and research supports the idea that AA or other 12-step involvement early in recovery and in combination with treatment helps clients be most successful. Over time, it is easy to forget the fear and frustration which may accompany attending an AA meeting for the first time. What are the barriers employees face in becoming involved in 12-step programs, and how can we help them overcome these barriers?
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Prevention is an EAP Core Technology
Webinar presented by: Joel Bennett, PhD; Mark Attridge, PhD
Presentation date(s): 3/11/08
EACC Domain II - 1 PDH/CE contact hour
How does your EAP's practice compare with others in the field today? See what 200 EA professionals said about the relevancy of the seven "Core" practices (as originally defined by Blum & Roman) in their work today. Has integration with work/life and wellness programs made us more or less effective in identifying, preventing, intervening in substance abuse at work? What about depression and other costly mental health concerns that affect the bottom line?
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Psychological and Psychiatric Fitness for Duty
Webinar presented by: David Fisher, PhD
Presentation date(s): 1/15/08
EACC Domain II - 1 PDH
From time-to-time, the EAP is faced with a case of great sensitivity and severity. Where should the EA professional turn when a situation requires more than a typical assessment, such as an independent medical evaluation, or when psychological testing is required? What are the responsibilities of the employer and EAP when an evaluation is needed for medical/legal purposes? Who are the parties involved in this process? Join us to learn more about this important topic.
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Should I Tweet, Friend or Get LinkedIn? An EA Professional's Guide to Social Networking
Webinar presented by: Marina London, LCSW, CEAP; Jan Price, LCSW, CEAP
Presentation date(s): 6/11/09
EACC Domain 1 - 1 PDH/CE contact hour
The media is all a-flutter with talk of Twitter and other forms of social networking. Is this a passing fad or an essential tool for EA professionals? Join EAPA's own Marina London and Jan Price as they provide you with essential information for the professional use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, along with ideas for applying these powerful tools to marketing & staffing your EAP. Learn how to create secure an EAP Facebook page, use LinkedIn to for business development, and identifying qualified staff candidates, and make an appropriate marketing decision for your EAP, "to tweet? or not to tweet?"
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Web Secrets for EAP and Mental Health Professionals
Webinar presented by: Marina London, LCSW, CEAP
Presentation date(s): 2/5/09
EACC Domain I - 1 PDH/CE contact hour
You do not have to be a geek to understand the power of Web 2.0 and expand your business or your private practice. This informative (and entertaining) presentation will help you leap into the 21st century and boost your professional exposure and earning potential. Learn about the Internet, new media, and boost your private practice and/or organizational visibility. This webinar will show you how to translate your vision into a growing presence on the World Wide Web. Leverege technology to make new contacts, influence people and increase your earning potential. Topics include understanding Web 2.0, building a website, the effective use of blogs, Wikipedia and Listservs. We will also discuss Virtual Assistants, Skype, Social Networking Websites and broadcasting Yourself on You Tube.
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Working With Employees Facing Foreclosure
Webinar presented by: Mary Hurlburt
Presentation date(s): 8/19/08
EACC Domain III - 1 PDH/CE contact hour
Facing foreclosure is emotionally paralyzing and negatively impacts job performance. Employees who seek assistance from trusted individuals often turn to EA professionals for help. Compounding the current U.S. mortgage crisis, there are many disreputable financial predators preying on employees in financial distress. There are alternatives to draining the 401(k). You know how to assist with emotional distress, but do you know all the practical tools available when faced with an employee on the brink of loosing a home.
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