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Ethics for the Employee Assistance Professional

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August 2010 Webinar
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Ethics for the Employee Assistance Professional
Webinar presented by: Bernard E. Beidel, M.Ed., CEAP
Presentation date(s): Thursday, August 12, noon EDT and Tuesday August 17th, 2pm EDT
EACC Domain 1, 2 PDHs/CE contact hours
Webinar Description
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Learning Objectives

    As a result of attending participants will be able to:
    • define "ethics" with an appreciation for the EAP core technology, our professional program standards, and recognize relevant codes of ethics as foundational that serve as the primary touchstones against which ethical dilemmas should be considered, assessed and resolved;
    • apply a clear and practical framework or methodology for consideration in examining and processing ethical dilemmas in our profession, reviewed in conjunction with and based primarily on the one developed by EAPA's Ethics Task Force;
    • address situations and scenarios using the methodologies presented in routine EA practice.

Presenter Information

Bern Beidel, M.Ed., CEAP , Director, Office of Employee Assistance, U.S. House of Representatives

Bern Beidel, M.Ed., CEAP has served the U.S. House of Representatives since 1991 when he was hired to develop and initiate the House's employee assistance operation. Bern has written extensively about the EA field over the years, focusing particularly on the integration of EAPs into the workplace and the larger organization and other best practices and standards of operations, such as the follow-up of EA clients and mentoring process for new EA professionals/practitioners. He is currently on the faculty at the Eastern Management Development Center of the federal Office of Personnel Management, where he teaches in the Crisis Leadership program. He has been a CEAP since 1987 and currently serves as an EACC Commissioner. He holds a Master's degree in Education from the University of Pittsburgh with a specialization in Rehabilitation Counseling and Alcoholism studies.

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This two-hour webinar will provide you with a general overview of the role of ethics in society and business, and the ongoing need for a clear and distinctive process for resolving ethical dilemmas when they arise in the EA profession. We will begin with a look at the foundation of the EA profession in the EAP Core Technology and the EAPA standards of practice, advance through a review of the EAPA Code of Ethics and the EACC Code of Conduct, and end with some experiential exploration of an EA "ethical decision-making process" and several ethical scenarios. The session will combine didactic information with group discussion to fully explore the current state of ethical decision-making as it applies specifically to the EA field. The interactive discussion provides the opportunity you to familiarize yourself with a model of decision-making and to gain comfort with a format of inquiry that you can readily apply on-the-job, ultimately helping to build your skills in applying a methodology that easily transfers to your day-to-day EA work.


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