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Information on PDH Approval


Applying for EACC PDH Pre-Approval

Thank you for your interest in EACC approval of your continuing education training program.

Please Note: The online application form is for use by providers/sponsors of continuing education programs who wish to apply for PDH approval of only one training session. If you wish to apply for PDH approval of more than one training session, please use the PDH Pre-Approval Form.

If you have any questions, contact Shirley Springfloat, Director, Credentialing
703-387-1000 Ext. 311

To apply for PDH approval of one continuing education session, please complete this online application, including the required content and speaker bio information, and submit with the appropriate fee at least 30 days before your training date. Only EAPA Chapters/Branches may submit with the $30.00 fee. For all other providers of education, the application fee is $60.00.

A proof of participation, including the name of the sponsor, name of attendee, title of the course, EACC approval #, domain, date completed, and number of approved PDHs, should be given to all participants at the end of the seminar. This information may be included on the same proof of participation with the approval information for other certifications and/or licensing boards.

If you have multiple trainings to be approved, there is a considerable savings if you submit a multi-session application by mail to:

4350 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 740
Arlington, VA 22203

If your training session is approved, EACC will assign the approved Domain:

  • Domain I: EA Program Design, Administration and Management
  • Domain II: EA Services to the Organization
  • Domain III: EA Services to Employees and Family Members,

and mail a letter of approval to you. All courses are approved for one year and may be presented multiple times during that year.


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