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Board of Directors 2012-2014

The principal purpose of the Board of Directors, as EAPA's governance body, is to be the policy setting body of the Association and by extension the EA profession. Additionally, the Board of Directors, monitors the activities of the committees and task forces, approves the budget, and develops value-added relationships with other organizations and groups. More...

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Steven Haught, CEAP
The Actors Fund
Chicago, IL


President Elect
Lucy Henry, CEAP
First Sun EAP Alliance Inc.
Columbus, SC


Pam Ruster, CEAP
Supportive Systems LLC
Indianapolis, IN


Chief Executive Officer
John Maynard, CEAP
Arlington, VA





Director at Large
Damian Davy, CEAP
Phoenix Centre
Dublin, Ireland


Director at Large
Steven Garnham, CEAP
New York, NY


Director at Large
Michele Grow, MBA
Davidson Trahaire Corpsych Pty L
Sydney, Australia


Director at Large
Dan Hughes, CEAP
Mount Sinai Medical School
New York, NY


Director at Large
Kaoru Ichikawa, CEAP
JEAP Peacemind Inc.
Tokyo, Japan


Director at Large
Andrea Landsman, CEAP
Chicago, IL


Director at Large
Randi C. Wood, CEAP
Colorado State EAP
Denver, CO


Labor Director
Bryan Hutchinson, CEAP
United Airlines
Highlands Ranch, CO


EACC Chair
Mike Klaybor, CEAP
Klaybor & Klaybor
Houston, TX



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