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Employee Assistance Specialist Certificate

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Employee Assistance Specialist - Clinical
Certificate of Recognition


Register Today for EAS-C training, April 25, 2014 in Atlanta!
Register Today for EAS-C training, May 16 in Rochester!

What is the EAS-C?

An exciting new certificate training course for EAP network affiliate providers offered and endorsed by EAPA!
Developed by a team of experts this certificate course provides mental health professionals with a unique opportunity to get an insider's view of providing EAP services as an extension of private practice. The course will include tips for identifying the types of services you may wish to provide for EAP vendors and detailed information which may help you significantly increase EAP referrals.

Already on an EAP panel? You can learn how to become the EAP vendor’s “go-to” clinician and get more referrals!  We give you insider information and an EAPA-endorsed certificate, so you can attract more EAP referrals to your practice!

Special bonus: Certificate course completion includes a FREE one-year listing in EAPA’s EAS-C database, specifically marketed to EAP network managers!

You will learn about:

  • EAPs from the perspectives of work organizations, EAP vendors, and network providers;
  • The similarities and differences between working with mental\behavioral health clients and EAP clients;
  • Tips and insider information that can help you build your EAP referral business.

PDH/CE Contact Hour Information:
Earn 6 hours of PDHs/CE contact hours!
EAPs: Approved for 6 PDHs in Domains I, II, III by the Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC)
Addiction Professionals: NAADAC CEUs
Social Workers: NASW Approved CE contact hours
Professional Counselors: LPCA CEUs
Marriage & Family Therapists: California Board of Behavioral Sciences CEUs


"EAPA provided the vision and leadership for this initiative, then assembled a team of highly trained and experienced professionals cutting across many sectors of the EAP industry. It was my honor to be part of such a high quality process and team that invested numerous hours in creating a meaningful 6 hour training out of volumes of information. I will confidently refer clinicians interested in adding EAP specialization to their repertoire to this training."   Judi Beahan, Clinical Manager, Crisis Care Network

"As a network manager, I get many calls from providers that want to be on EAP networks to increase their number of referrals. They do so without skills or understanding about what EAP work is all about or think that the volume of EAP work that they do makes them 'experienced.' Though the CEAP and EAPA membership should be the ultimate goal, it is beneficial to have a training that providers can attend that will give consistent, valuable information about EAP services."    Tim Sumiec, CEAP, Manager of Field Operations, Empathia, Inc.

As the Director of the EA Provider Network for Ceridian LifeWorks, I am very excited to see this training come to fruition. While all providers within Ceridian’s Network are required to complete a training on EA services and expectations during the credentialing process, this training is more comprehensive and includes specific training on the dual relationship of the EA practitioner in working with both the individual and the client company. This training presents a tremendous opportunity for EA vendors across the country to identify providers who are interested in enhancing the quality of their EA services as well as providing these professionals a greater chance to expand their practice as they become more valuable for EA programs to include in their networks.     Patrick Williams, LMFT, CEAP, Director, Provider Network Services, Ceridian LifeWorks

 What are the benefits of earning the EAS-C Certificate of Recognition?

  • Listing in EAPA's online EAS-C database of affiliate providers;
  • Recognition by EAPA that the recipient has completed role-specific foundational training which includes:
    • Overview of the role within the context of EAP service delivery systems.
    • Differentiating the EAP role from other roles the individual may perform (i.e., EA assessment vs. mental health assessment; EAP rep vs. union steward, etc.).
    • Ethical considerations specific to the role, with a focus on boundaries of competence, role fidelity, and fiduciary responsiblity.
    • Integration of evidence-based screening tools into EA practice to provide early identification and brief intervention for risky behaviors associated with the most costly/deadly mental health/substance abuse concerns in the workplace;
  • Verification of completion provided by the association in the form of a printable certificate;
  • For EAP affiliate providers, network managers are encouraged to check this database first for new additions to their networks and/or to use these providers when making clinical EAP referrals.
  • For unionists, corporate & union leaders are encouraged to check the database to verify completion of training.

How do I earn the EAS-C Certificate of Recognition?
You can earn the EAS-C if you are a mental health professional with a minimum of a Master's Degree and license for independent clinical practice as required by law.  You may be new to the employee assistance field, or already be an established affiliate provider for external EAP vendors.

Simply complete the EAS-C training course!  Your registration fee includes six hours of instruction by experts in the EAP field, course materials and inclusion in EAS-C online directory. Regular course registration rate $295 EAPA members, $395 non-members. 

Course Schedule:

  • Atlanta, GA April 25, 2014
  • Rochester, NY May 16, 2014
  • San Diego, CA June 27

Coming soon to a city near you! Complete this form to be notified when registration opens for a training date near you!

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Sarasota, Florida
  • Seattle, Washington
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Washington, DC

How do I bring the EAS training to a city near me?

There are EAPA chapters throughout the United States. We're actively reaching out to chapter leaders to bring this training to a city near you. If you are an EAPA chapter leader or member, please contact Jan Price, Manager, Professional Learning Resources or (703) 387-1000 x340 to schedule a training.

*What does it cost to earn the EAS-C certificate?
Registration fees may vary depending upon the venue and training sponsor(s).  Registration fees will include the course fee, materials fee and certificate fee.

How do I renew the EAS-C certificate?
EAPA is committed to maintaining the highest professional standards in the employee assistance field.  To maintain the integrity of the EAS-C database, annual renewal & information update may be required. 
 Check back for more details.

 I own/manage/administer an EAP.  How can I provide this training to my EAP network of affilaite providers?
Contact Jan Price, Manager, Professional Learning Resources or (703) 387-1000 x340 for more information.

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