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Workplace Disaster Resources


Workplace Disaster Resources

Workplace Disaster Preparedness Panel (WDPP)

The EAPA Workplace Disaster Preparedness Panel (WDPP) is an international group of EAPA members experienced in disaster preparedness and response. It was established after 9/11 to provide guidance and resources to EAPA chapters and members faced with delivering services to their client-organizations that have been impacted by disaster. As the years have gone by, the panel has expanded its services to EAPA members by providing: 1) relevant articles via the EAPA website; 2) information about available resources through the EAPA LinkedIn group; 3) free conference calls to EAPA chapters and their members in disaster-affected areas with members of the WDPP to address immediate questions about the provision of EAP services at different stages of the disaster.

Currently, the members of the WDPP are:

Dotty Blum, co-chair
Gerry Lewis, co-chair
Jim Nestor
James O’Hair
Robert Intveld
Jeff Gorter
Harvey Warwick
Kent Lehnen
Marina London - EAPA staff liaison

EAPA members interested in joining the panel should contact The WDPP meets regularly via conference calls as well as annually, at EAPA's World EAP Conferences.

Incident Specific Resources

(Note: many resources are useful across incidents)

2013 Oklahoma Tornado Resources

2013 Boston Terrorist Attacks Resources

2013 West Texas Resources

2012 Sandy Hook Shootings Resources

2011 Tornadoes in Southern USA Resources

Japan disaster resources

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Research Articles

EAPA’s research bibliography includes articles related to critical incident stress management (CISM) Research, Group Debriefing Research (RCT), as well as reviews and commentary. Click here to view.

Generic Critical Incident Resources and Handouts for EAPs

A Manager’s Guide to Suicide Postvention in the Workplace: 10 Action Steps for Dealing with the Aftermath of Suicide

Identifying Traumatic Reactions in the Workplace

Symptoms of Trauma

Understanding Trauma

Reactions to Expect

Ideas for Managers

Tips for Managers

Organizational Recovery


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