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EAPA ONLINE DISPLAY ADVERTISING is the website for the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), the world’s largest, oldest, and most respected membership organization for employee assistance professionals. With nearly 5,000 members in over 30 countries around the globe, we are the world’s most relied upon source of information and support for and about the employee assistance profession. EAPA publishes the Journal of Employee Assistance, hosts professional conferences and offers training and other resources to fulfill its mission. EAPA’s mission is to promote the highest standards of EA practice and the continuing development of employee assistance professionals, programs and services.

Advertising Policy Statement

Banner Ads

Currently we are inviting companies and organizations to submit banner ads which will have the “run of the site” appearing on all the pages of our site. The number of ad spots available at any given time will be based on an assessment of recent page view statistics so as to ensure that each ad as the opportunity to be viewed at least 10,000 times during the month. For example, current page views exceed 86,000 per month, so the number of active ads will be limited to 8.

Advertising Rates is the world’s largest, most visited, and most respected EAP website with more than:

  • 34,000+ unique visits
  • 86,000+ page views every month!

We are the leading source for EAP information on the Internet!

Banner Advertising Rates

EAPA Members

$400 per month

$1,000 for three months, paid in advance

Non Members

$500 per month

$1,250 for three months, paid in advance

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions of the ad: 392 pixels wide by 72 pixels high
  • Format: Gif or jpg
  • Posting: Ad will be posted on date requested, no sooner than within 5 business days of receipt
  • Length of run: one month
  • Banner ads can be designed using Flash, a type of graphic animation technology. However, if a Flash Banner ad is uploaded, you will also want to upload a non-Flash image as an alternative to display if the user accessing your site does not have the FLASH plugin installed for their browser. The alternative image (.gif or .jpg) would then display for that user, instead of a broken Flash image.

Materials Instructions:

  • Animation: Animated gifs are accepted with no loop maximum.
  • Link information: Every banner must have a working URL.
  • Statistics: Final impressions/click summary at end of ad terms.

Submit your ad request HERE!

For more information about web advertising, contact:
Joan Treece, Advertising Manager
(303) 242-2046



  • EAPA welcomes the advertising of products and services that are of interest to the members of EAPA.
  • Advertising submissions will be reviewed by EAPA to ensure that the ad is serving the best interests of our membership at large.
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