EAPA Membership gives you…

Information You Can Use
  • Journal of Employee Assistance (JEA) - The world’s only journal devoted exclusively to EAP content, JEA is published quarterly by EAPA in both print and electronic form exclusively for EAPA members.  Archived copies of every issue from 2005 to current are available to members online.
  • EAP NewsBrief - This weekly electronic newsletter gathers articles of interest to EA professionals published anywhere in the world, keeping you connected and informed about the hottest topics in the EA field and within your association.
  • Annotated bibliography of EA research articles - A comprehensive bibliography of all EAP-related research articles published since 2000, including outcome statistics and return-on-investment (ROI) studies.  Available exclusively to EAPA members.
  • Searchable database of past JEA articles - Searchable by key word and author, this online database includes all articles and columns published in JEA since 2005, and provides quick access for in-depth review of particular EAP topics.
Discounted Education and Training
  • Annual World EAP Conference – The largest and most intensive EA learning and networking experience in the world, EAPA’s Annual World EAP Conference features pre-conference training courses, cutting-edge keynotes, and breakout presentations to keep you informed about trends and developments in the EA profession worldwide.
  • EAPA’s Conference On Demand – Archived multimedia recordings (full audio with synchronized slide presentation) of the keynotes and breakout sessions from the two most recent World EAP Conferences.  Sessions can be accessed 24/7 as often as you wish for up to a full year.
  • Online courses - Valuable online courses, including CEAP exam preparation and certification-required ethics courses.
  • Live and archived webinars - Live webinars on topics of current significance to EA professionals and 24/7 access to EAPA’s ever-expanding collection of archived classic webinars on EAP topics.
Discounted Professional Credentials
  • Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP®) - The world’s only professional credential denoting mastery of the EAP body of knowledge and commitment to the ethical standards necessary for effective EA practice.
  • Employee Assistance Specialist - Clinical (EAS-C) - The EAS-C certificate is recognition that the holder has the background and information necessary to function effectively as an EAP affiliate network provider.
Employment Opportunities
  • EAP Career Central – Whether you are looking for a job or wanting to hire, EAPA’s specialized online job bank connects EA professionals and employers around the world!
Local and Worldwide Networking
  • Searchable online Member Directory - Exclusive access to EAPA’s online member directory, searchable by name, company, location, or chapter/branch, allows you to locate and network with EAP colleagues wherever and whenever you need to.
  • Chapters (USA) and Branches (other countries) – Local EAPA chapters within the USA and EAPA branches in other countries provide multiple opportunities for face-to-face professional networking, localized continuing education, and peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge and experiences.
  • Social media - EAPA-moderated LinkedIn groups for members and CEAPs provide opportunities for sharing information, asking questions, and discussing topics that affect your work and life.  Members can also connect on EAPA’s Facebook page and follow EAPA on Twitter.
More Benefits
  • EAPA endorsed professional and business liability insurance - Affordable professional liability and business office insurance to protect you in the broad range of settings in which EA professionals practice.
  • Access to Members-only pages on EAPA’s website - Members-only pages include up-to-date EA Public Policy information, free access to select Conference On Demand sessions, full access to EAPA’s online Library of Free Resources (including recorded webinars on key EA topics), and much more.
Join EAPA today and enjoy the benefits of being a member of the largest and most respected EA professional group in the world!

For additional detail about these and other membership benefits and discounts, see the table below:


✔   Free print and electronic subscriptions to the quarterly Journal of Employee Assistance

✔  Free subscription to the weekly EAP NewsBrief electronic newsletter

✔  Free access to the online searchable archives of past issues of the Journal of Employee Assistance

✔  Free access to the online archive of past issues of the EAP NewsBrief

✔  Free access to EAPA’s comprehensive online database of “EA Research and Statistics” articles (2000-present) to help you make your EAP business case

✔  Free unlimited non-credit access to all 2013 & 2014 Conference on Demand sessions

✔  Access to EAPA’s online Library of Free Resources (including recorded webinars on key EA topics)

✔  Access to the searchable EAPA Member Directory to facilitate peer-to-peer networking and assistance

✔  Access to members-only sections of EAPA’s website

✔  Eligibility for local chapter membership to enhance peer networking and local training

✔  Face-to-face and online networking opportunities with EAP leaders and peers to support your job/business goals and objectives


✔  $150 discount to attend the Annual World EAP Conference (plus a $100 discount on most pre-conference training courses)

✔  $100 (or more) discount on EAPA’s Conference On Demand unlimited access pack (includes the two most recent World EAP Conferences)

✔  $225 discount on initial CEAP® certification fees – the only recognized credential that represents mastery of the EAP body of knowledge

✔  $100 discount on CEAP recertification fees

✔  $100 discount on the online CEAP Exam Prep Course – featuring analysis of exam topics, sample practice questions, and tips from the experts

✔  $40 discount on EAPA’s EA Specialist-Clinical (EAS-C) training and directory listing

✔  $50 discount on the online DOT/SAP qualifying exam

✔  34% ($20) or more discount on every live EAPA Webinar – on topics of current significance to EA professionals

✔  25% ($20) or more discount on every archived online EAPA Webinar – a continually expanding collection of classic webinars on EA topics

✔  25%-30% discounts on EAP Career Central employer job postings (resume posting for individual members is free)

✔  Discounted rates for Professional Liability and Business Office insurance coverage with Trust Risk Management Services – an EAPA researched and endorsed provider

✔  PLUS discounts on other professional EA resources, publication and website advertising,  etc.

✔  PLUS members-only discounts on chapter events


These benefits and discounts add up to great value for every individual EA professional!  But equally valuable is what our collective memberships in EAPA contribute to the profession that we believe in so deeply.  Any strong profession requires a strong professional association.  Your investment in EAPA membership is an investment in strengthening the EA profession’s collective identity.  That’s important because a strong EA profession benefits all of us. 

Join EAPA today and enjoy the benefits of being a member of the largest and most respected EA professional group in the world!