Pre-Conference Training Course Proposal Information

Call for Proposals Closed: February 19, 2016

  General Information

Pre-conference courses offer employee assistance and related professionals practical knowledge and skills that can be immediately utilized in the workplace.  Proposals may be for four (4) or seven and a half (7.5) training hours.

 Proposals featuring an experiential training design that excludes the use of A/V equipment will be strongly preferred.

A typical training day runs from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and includes 7.5 hours of training time, a 60 minute lunch, and two 15 minute breaks. Course design should include experiential learning, training games, or other interactive and engaging adult training techniques. Clinically focused training topics must be directly applicable to employee assistance practice and include examples relevant to the workplace. Proposals should connect course content to the conference theme and focus areas.

  Room Setup and A/V

Room setup preferences and A/V requirements are included in EAPA's standard pre-conference room setup:

  • Lectern;
  • Materials table;
  • Classroom style seating; and
  • LCD projector, stand, and screen.

The following options are available upon request:

  • Audio connection to sound system;
  • Flipchart and markers;
  • Alternate seating styles (U-shape, hollow square, rounds);
  • Presenter microphone*; and
  • Internet Access*

*some restrictions apply. Available for a fee.

Presenters with special audio-visual or technical needs or requests should include a description of their requests in their proposals.

  Business Agreement

EAPA contracts with Pre-Conference Training Course providers independently of the submission process.  The signed business agreement supersedes the information listed on this page.  You will be asked to agree to the general terms below:

  • Finance: EAPA provides a compensation package which may include a modest trainer fee, one or more nights in the conference hotel, limited travel reimbursement, and per diem. World EAP Conference registration fees are not included.
  • Solicitation: Presenters agree to present educational material only. Products/services may not be promoted or sold during a pre-conference course.
  • Recording: These sessions are not recorded or included in the Best Value Package offering.
  • Materials: EAPA will produce up to 50 pages of attendee materials, if submitted in advance of the materials deadline. Subsequently, the presenter agrees to be responsible for the preparation, reproduction, and distribution of attendee materials. 

  Proposal Submission

All proposals must be submitted online. Submissions created online on or before February 16 may be edited and finalized by Friday, February 17.  At at that time, all proposals that have not been submitted for review will be automatically deleted.   Authors will be notified of the Panel's decision in early March via e-mail.

Submission period ends: February 19, 2017

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Contact Jan Price, Director, Education and Credentialing, at or 703-387-1000 Ext. 340.