Resources for professionals, victims and those impacted by the 2013 terrorist attacks in Boston

Brookline Community Mental Health Center
41 Garrison Road, Brookline, MA 02445; (617) 277-8107
Support services for the volunteers, veterans who suffer from PTSD, and residents and employees are available at the Brookline Community Mental Health Center. In addition, the Center has posted Drop in hours for Thursday (12 noon – 2pm) and Friday (from 9am – 11am) for residents and employees who wish to speak with staff and are having difficulty coping in the aftermath of the bombings. Services are also available by phone 617-277-8107. More information is available at the center’s website

Magellan Health Services Inc.
1-800-327-7451 - 24-hour toll-free hotline to help individuals process feelings of grief, sorrow and depression following the bombings, regardless of whether or not they are Magellan customersAdditionally, the company has posted a toolkit of materials on its website. These materials are available at The hotline is staffed by behavioral health professionals to offer counseling services to help people cope with the feelings of fear, sadness, anger and hopelessness that can occur following such a tragedy.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers excellent resources for mental health professionals, first responders, teachers, family, and victims. The "Disaster Kit"  includes tools for recovery workers on mental health awareness.

Additional resources from SAMHSA such as "Grief Leadership in the Wake of Tragedy" and "In the Wake of Trauma: Tips for College Students"  may also be useful to many.

Handout guiding conversations with children about tragedy