CEAP® Certification


CEAP® certification must be renewed every three years. Recertification may be completed up to 6 months prior to the CEAP® Status expiration date listed in the CEAP's User Account profile. As a courtesy, prior to the expiration date, a recertification application packet is mailed to each active CEAP.

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Recertification by PDHs

Recertifying online is quick and easy. Sign in to eapassn.org and from the User Account profile, select “CEAP Certification” under the “Account Actions” menu. Click on the “folder” icon in the CERT column of the table at the bottom of the page. Attest the recertification requirements have been met and pay the recertification fee. Keep all supporting document for 90 days in case of Audit.

 CEAPs who must pay by check or purchase order, select “Invoice Me” during the payment process. All others please pay by credit/debit card.

To recertify by PDHs:

      Complete sixty (60) hours of professional development/training (PDHs or CEs) within the dates of the current certification period;
      Complete at least two (2) hours of EAP-related ethics training;
      Submit the recertification fee before the certification expiration date;
      Be fully prepared to submit documentation if audited by the EACC; and
      Retain all documents for a minimum of 90 days post-renewal.


Recertification by Exam

To recertify by exam pay the CEAP® exam fee, pass the CEAP® exam, and pay the activation fee to activate the next three-year certification cycle.  


Audit Process

Each year a percentage of those recertifying are randomly selected for audit. If audited, the individual will be notified by postal mail and may not recertify online. Audited CEAPs must submit appropriate documentation of all PDHs earned within the recertification cycle. Contact certification@eapassn.org or call 703.387.1000 for assistance.


CEAP® Credentialing Policies (See Section II)

For all of the policy details regarding recertification, please read Section II of the CEAP® Credentialing Policies document.

  Questions? Email or call certification 703.387.1000