CEAP®Certificaction Endorsements

  Individual Endorsements

Michael Klaybor interviews Paul Tewksbury and Kaoru Ichikawa about the value of the CEAP®

Mr. Tewksbury, CEAP is an EA Professional in the United States.  Dr. Ichikawa, Ph.D., CEAP is a member of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) from Japan. The interviews were filmed at EAPA's 2013 World EAP Conference. At that time, Michael Klaybor, Ed.D., CEAP was the Chair of the Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC). 

 Organizational Endorsements

Gretchen M. Stein, Ph.D., CEAP, President & CEO
Sand Creek Workplace and Wellness
“When Sand Creek hires new clinical EAP counselors or adds additional providers to our affiliate network, we seek sound credentials and quality experience. The Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) credential moves a job seeker to a favored status among the field of applicants. A CEAP certification tells us that this applicant understands and has a working knowledge of the core technologies in the field of Employee Assistance”.
Christine Thompson, Senior Vice President, Health and Performance Solution Operations
Beacon Health Options (formerly ValueOptions)
The CEAP credential is a valuable measure to ensure that your staff has the knowledge that is needed to support an EAP-related program and its components. The domains of the CEAP address the nuances and skill sets that are required to support a wide variety of clients that EAP’s serve, including specific industries, companies, their employees and family members. I have held the CEAP credential since near its inception and have maintained it throughout my career, in both clinical and administrative positions. I am proud to say that my organization, Beacon Health Options supports our EAP staff in obtaining and maintaining the CEAP. With the numerous national, federal and international EAP accounts we serve, I believe this credential is a value-add for our EAP staff because it expands their knowledge base to better serve clients/customers as well as our industry. It also sends a message to our clients that we specifically hire individuals with EAP expertise. Currently, we have many of our team members who are CEAP-certified or who are eligible and working toward getting this designation”.
Anthem Behavioral Health and EAP
Jason Richmond Sales and Account Management
As a hiring manager, the CEAP designation is something that is taken into consideration in the hiring process. It indicates a level of EAP knowledge and expertise that I view quite favorably when screening job candidates.
Empathia, Inc.
Tim Sumiec, Manager of Field Operations
Empathia values the CEAP certification. Not only does Empathia support our own clinical staff in obtaining and retaining the CEAP (70% CEAPs), but we also favor providers with the CEAP designation for our network. As an EAP network manager for over 23 years, I am always looking for providers that are strong clinically and who also know the difference between handling a routine clinical case and handling an EAP case. This typically means I am looking for providers who: 1) understand short-term counseling, 2) have the skills to not only find appropriate resources for their clients but also know how to facilitate those referrals in such a way that the client feels taken care of, 3) realizes that the company is also a client, especially in workplace referrals, and 4) possesses other skills such as training, trauma response, SAP services, etc. When a provider possesses a CEAP, I know I am getting someone who is committed to the EAP values and standards that the industry supports. When expanding my network in a particular area, I check the CEAP Directory first, and will always add and give preferential treatment to a provider possessing a CEAP – even if the network is ‘full’.
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