CEAP® Certification


  Reinstatement After 60 Days of the CEAP® Expiration Date and Within One Year

To be eligible for reinstatement, all requirements for recertification by PDHs must be met. Payment of both the recertification fee and the $100 reinstatement fee must be made. After that time the only option for reinstatement is to pass the CEAP® exam.

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  Reinstatement a Year or more Past the CEAP® Certification Expiration Date

Any individual who previously had earned the CEAP® credential may regain his/her certification by again passing the CEAP® exam. CEAP® certification will be reinstated once the passing score and the activation fee have been received. A new CEAP® expiration date will be established.

To complete the reinstatement process, click the "CEAP Certification" link in your User Account profile. Click the "folder" icon in the Open column in the table at the bottom of the page. Follow the listed instructions and make the appropriate payments. 

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  CEAP® Credentialing Policies (See Section III)

For all of the policy details regarding reinstatement, please read Section III of the CEAP® Credentialing Policies document.


  Questions? Email or call certification 703.387.1000