CANNABIS@WORK: Employee Assistance Professionals Tool Kits

Marijuana is no longer just an issue for employers in a few states. As marijuana use, both medicinal and recreational, continues to become legally accepted in the U.S., and it may ultimately be removed as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. This will change how employers approach Cannabis at work. Several major societal trends are converging to make cannabis in the workplace one of the biggest challenges facing employers and employee assistance (EA) professionals.

The Objective
 EAPA is disseminating a series of publications intended to give EA professionals information to assist their companies and clients. The Tool Kits cover:
 1) Employer Policy, 
 2) Safety, 
 3) Compliance, 
 4) Productivity, 
 5) Flexibility, 
 6) Legislation and Litigation, and 
 7) Employee Rights. 

We encourage all EA professionals to use the info in these first two sections of the Toolkit to help you assist your organizations navigate the complex and challenging area of Cannabis@Work.

Download the first Toolkit
Download the second Toolkit