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Coming Soon to a Journal Near You

By Maria Lund, LEAP, CEAP

The Journal of Employee Assistance is a core benefit for EAPA members, and our goal is for it to bring consistent value to you and your professional practice. With that goal in mind, the EAPA Communications Advisory Panel, Journal editor Mike Jacquart, and EAPA web editor Marina London, developed and emailed a reader survey earlier this year.

We were delighted to see comments such as “The JEA is the most relevant resource for my daily work.”  Not surprisingly, respondents told us that with their busy schedules, the News Briefs are a favorite feature in the JEA (85% read them each quarter). We will continue this feature under the name “EA Roundup” to avoid confusion with the EAP NewsBriefs that are emailed to members.

The survey also revealed respondents’ desire to read more on topics such as addictions, working with Millennials, and more articles with non-US themes. We have posted an invitation on LinkedIn for authors on these topics and encourage you to submit an article. In addition, Dr. John Maynard will share international insights and observations from when he traveled as EAPA’s CEO in a new column titled, “The World of EAP”. Other survey results are in the EA Roundup section and online at

Speaking of important surveys, last year the Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC) surveyed Certified Employee Assistance Professionals to determine their satisfaction with this important credential and to seek input in shaping the future direction of the CEAPR. A summary of the findings appears in this issue’s EA Roundup section. Watch for a more in-depth article in the 3rd quarter JEA.

“Why no mental health apps?” was one of the most accessed EAP NewsBrief articles from last year. This issue’s cover story picks up where that brief left off, as author Kathleen Greer explains why there have been a lack of clinical apps to date. She points out that, while clinically validated apps are the ideal, currently available apps present a great opportunity to help meet the needs of Millennial clients who are demanding such services.

Writing about one of our core services, Critical Incident Response, Robert Intveld, LCSW, CEAP, discusses terrorism across the world and how it affects all of us. Robert’s article was discussed last month in our EAPA LinkedIn group, a forum we will continue to provide to readers both prior to, and after, publication of the JEA. Whatever the topic, we want to hear from you!

Happy reading!