CEAP Refresh FAQs

  • Why are we changing the process to become a CEAP? 

Five years ago, the EACC began collecting data to assess the viewpoints of current Certificate holders about their CEAP® certification and its role in their professional work. Responses indicated that some of the requirements, especially the ones related to experience, posed an obstacle to applicants since employers often look for the credential in making hiring decisions. The EACC listened to this feedback, and changed the process to ensure ease of access for a variety of applicants who may have limited opportunities to gain direct EA experience.

  • Who is eligible to become a CEAP?

Several new pathways to become a CEAP will exist, speaking to the field’s rich history of including professionals in behavioral health as well as those in labor assistance and peer assistance.  The four pathways in the CEAP Refresh are as follows:

  • Masters with Experience
  • No Masters with Experience
  • Masters with No Experience
  • No Bachelors/No Masters and No Experience

Details of these pathways and requirements can be found by clicking here.

  • What does the new process look like?

The CEAP Refresh is modular and learning-based. Rather than taking a 4-hour test in one sitting, candidates will have the opportunity to complete the modules and end-of-module assessments in a self-paced manner. Candidates will have up to one month to complete each module. The five modules are presented in PowerPoint fashion with voice-overs and opportunities to click on articles and videos to enhance learning.

  • What will the modules cover?

The modules include Domains I, II, and III, and are broken down as follows:

  • Module One - EAP Fundamentals (covers Domain I)
  • Module Two - Compliance and Ethics (covers Domain I)
  • Module Three - EAP Assessment and Risk Management (covers Domains I, II, III)
  • Module Four - Organizational Services and Optional EAP Support (covers Domain II)
  • Module Five - Program Management and Applying Innovation to the Field (covers Domain I)
    • I am already a candidate in the CEAP Legacy (Exam) process. How should I proceed?

    Detailed information has been sent via email to all existing CEAP Candidates under the Legacy (Exam) process on October 18, 2021. Candidates have the OPTION to continue with the Legacy (Exam) path OR switch to the CEAP Refresh (Learning Modules) process. Candidates must complete their selection for how they wish to proceed no later than November 30, 2021. At that time, all candidates remaining in the Legacy (Exam) process will be automatically switched to the CEAP Refresh (Learning Modules) process instead. Any fees pre-paid will transfer as well.

    Note: The CEAP Exam for Legacy Candidates will be discontinued on June 30, 2022. Candidates choosing to stay in the Legacy path must complete all requirements and successfully pass the CEAP exam prior to June 30, 2022.

    The decision to select the Legacy (Exam) or Refresh (Learning Modules) path is entirely your own. If you have already completed prerequisites for the CEAP Exam and have received your Exam Eligibility notice, you may wish to proceed and take the CEAP Exam to obtain your CEAP Certification. If you have not already completed your prerequisites to sit for the CEAP Exam, you may find the new CEAP Refresh (Learning Modules) process to be a better fit for you. Candidates are encouraged to read all information about the Refresh thoroughly to assist you in making your decision.

    The pricing remains the same under the Exam or Refresh process, as follows. Any fees prepaid by existing Candidates will transfer completely to the Refresh.

    • CEAP Candidate Registration Fee ($125 EAPA Member / $150 Non-Member)
    • CEAP Online Course 5 Module Bundle ($295 EAPA Member / $395 Non-Member) OR CEAP Online Examination Fee ($295 EAPA Member / $395 Non-Member)
      • (Modules also available as individual module purchases for $75 each EAPA Member rate / $100 each Non-Member rate)
    • CEAP 3-Year Activation Fee ($225 EAPA Member / $325 Non-Member)

    • Will I get PDHs for completing the modules?

    The 5 modules are worth a total of 20 PDHs upon completion. In addition, if you already have a CEAP, you have the option of purchasing one or more modules to earn PDHs toward your CEAP recertification requirements (60 hours every 3 years).

    • Why is mentorship being included? 

    The EA profession has a rich history of professionals that have done some amazing work at the intersection of life and work. But no one can be a fully competent EA professional without some connections to those who have come before them. As a result, mentorship is designed to help CEAP candidates: 

    • Broaden experience and perspective
    • Navigate the complexity of EA practice
    • Develop a habit of consultation
    • Help with practice questions
    • Avoid common mistakes in early practice
    • Utilize knowledge transfer.

    • How will mentorship work?

    CEAP candidates with a post-module experience requirement will be able to earn up to 24 mentorship hours in any given year through a virtual group format.  These group meetings are designed as conversations about EA-related topics, and mentees are encouraged to come prepared with questions about the topic and about the mentors’ experiences.

    • Who are the mentors?

    Mentors are current CEAP holders with EA knowledge, experience, and desire to guide the learning and development of others entering into the profession. If you are currently a CEAP, and would like to offer your time and expertise as a mentor, please standby for more information in the coming months.

    • I am already a CEAP.  How does the CEAP refresh impact me?

    Current CEAPs will no longer have the option for renewal through testing, but will still be able to renew through PDHs.  You will also have the option of purchasing one or more modules to earn PDHs toward your recertification (60 hours every 3 years).

    Additionally, current CEAPs are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with those entering the profession through volunteering to serve as a mentor and endorsing the CEAP with others contemplating entry into the field (please standby for more information in the coming months).

    • I have a question not answered above?

    Contact certification@eapassn.org for more assistance.

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