CEAP Refresh Learning Modules Descriptions

This EACC approved course for CEAP certification covers the required three knowledge domains for the EA professional. This course presents a conceptual framework involved with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) from a global perspective. Essential EAP components, policy issues along with relevant legal issues, EAP clinical assessment, and marketing, training supervision and account management for EAPs will be covered. 

  • CEAP Learning Modules Course Delivery Mode: Self-Paced version on EAPA Online Institute Platform (20 contact hours completed online)
  • CEAP Learning Modules Course Time Frame: Self-Paced course completed within a 90-day period (from initial start date)
  • CEAP Learning Modules Course Completion: CEAP candidates (initial or recertification by learning modules) will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. Non-CEAP Candidates (those recertifying by PDH or requiring CEUS) will receive 20 PDHs/CEUS upon completion of the course.
  • CEAP Learning Modules Course Assessments: At the end of each module the candidate takes an assessment comprising of 30 questions. A pass of 80% or higher is required.

The complete CEAP Learning Modules Course includes interactive exercises, videos, selected readings, case studies, self-assessments etc. and is broken up into the following five (5) learning modules. Descriptions of the content in each of the five (5) learning modules is below. Purchase access to the Learning Modules and complete in the EAPA Institute Online learning platform.

CEAP Learning Module One Topics: 

EAP Fundamentals (4 hours)

  • A comprehensive definition of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
  • EAP core technology
  • The history of EAP development
  • The EAP conceptual framework
  • The major types of EAP models and their functions
  • Essential ingredients of EAPs
  • Global/International EAP

Domains covered in Module One: I

CEAP Learning Module Two Topics: 

Compliance & Ethics (4 hours)

  • The function and components of an EAP policy
  • Basic legal/regulatory issues affecting EAPs
  • The basic value systems and ethical systems that guide the EAP profession

Domains covered in Module Two: I

CEAP Learning Module Three Topics: 

EAP Assessment & Risk Management (4 hours)

  • Self-referral versus management-referral
  • Telephonic Intake/ Telephone Counseling/ Referral
  • THE EAP Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment
  • Screening tools
  • Presenting vs assessed problems
  • Risk levels of cases (behavioral, duty of care, fitness for duty, threat assessments, critical incident)
  • Managing urgent/emergency cases
  • Substance Use Disorder

Domains covered in Module Three: I, II and III

CEAP Learning Module Four Topics: 

Organizational Services & Optional EAP Support (4 hours)

  • Supervisory & Management EAP Tools
    • Management Consultation
    • EAP Referral
  • EAP Orientation: How to inform employees of the EAP?
  • The types of EAP employee educational programs and trainings
  • EAP Marketing
  • Work/Life Resources
  • Workplace Wellbeing/Mental Health

Domains covered in Module Four: II

CEAP Learning Module Five Topics: 

Program Management & Applying Innovation to the Employee Assistance Field (4 hours)

  • Assessing the Corporate Culture
  • Account Management
  • Value In EAPs and Outcomes
  • Applying Innovation to the field (Tele-mental Health)

Domains covered in Module Five: I

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