CEAP Refresh - Legacy CEAP Exam Candidate Information

The CEAP certification process is transitioning from an Exam-based endeavor (CEAP Legacy) to a Modular Online Learning process (CEAP Refresh). CEAP candidates already in pursuit of the CEAP credential, but who have not yet taken or passed the CEAP Exam, must complete a form to declare their intent of which process they will pursue to earn their CEAP credential.

Click here for CEAP Certification Program Declaration

Selection of choice to pursue either: 

  • CEAP Legacy process (CEAP Exam), or 
  • CEAP Refresh process (CEAP Learning Modules)

The above form MUST BE COMPLETED by all existing CEAP candidates no later than November 30, 2021.

Already Declared Intent to take the CEAP Legacy Exam?

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