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Mentorship Purpose

The EA profession has a rich history of professionals that have done some amazing work at the intersection of life and work. This profession, when done well, literally saves lives. No one can be a fully competent EA professional without some connections to those who have come before them. CEAP Mentorship is designed to help CEAP candidates and EAPA members:

  • Broaden experience and perspective
  • Navigate the complexity of EA practice
  • Develop a habit of consultation
  • Help with practice questions
  • Avoid common mistakes in early practice
  • Knowledge transfer

Mentorship Process

EACC commissioners and CEAP content experts in the field, who are in good standing, will offer virtual group mentorship sessions twice per month allowing a CEAP candidate to accumulate up to twenty-four (24) contact hours of mentorship in an eight (8) month cycle*. Conducted via our Zoom platform, each group mentorship will be 1.5 hours and will focus on one of the sixteen (16) topics listed in the schedule below:

Mentorship group meetings are envisioned as a conversation with the mentees seeking to gain wisdom and understanding from the CEAP’s experiences related to the topic being discussed. This is not designed to be an educational exercise where the mentor prepares content. Think of two professionals having a conversation about the field. Mentees are encouraged to think of relevant questions on the respective topics, or to ask the mentor about their challenges and experiences in the field.


Q & A’s

Why is EACC offering mentorship?

Much of EA practice cannot be learned in a book or from a class. In order to be a fully competent EA professional one needs to have some mentors to help them navigate this complex field, avoid the pitfalls, and learn to consult with other EA professionals. We are putting this process in place to make it easier for candidates to connect with professionals in the field without having to go out and find this on their own.

Won’t this be a burden for CEAPs to provide mentorship?

EACC Commissioners will be volunteering their time and will be sourcing other EAP experts in the field who want to “give back”. Most CEAPs understand the value of helping the next generation of EA professionals develop.Mentorship meetings are envisioned as a conversation between a newer professional and a more seasoned professional. The CEAP candidate or EAPA member should come prepared to ask meaningful questions to better understand the profession from the CEAP’s point of view.Ideally the CEAP will need very little preparation for these conversations.The CEAP mentor will be able to count mentorship hours as PDH hours up to 10 hours per recertification cycle.

Advisement was very challenging for some candidates. Are we bringing back Advisement and calling it something else?

The EACC recognizes that for some Advisement was an onerous process and a barrier to obtaining the CEAP. Mentorship seeks to remove the barriers that Advisement represented while still giving CEAP candidates and EAPA members the invaluable experience that comes from learning from those who have already walked the path.

Is there a requirement or fee to enroll in the mentorship program?

Even though some CEAP candidates may enroll in the mentorship program to fulfill a post-requisite for their CEAP certification, the mentorship program is open to any EAPA member at no cost or requirement. At this time, we will not be awarding PDH’s for participation.