The Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC) is the governing body for the Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP®) certification. Made up of 8 Commissioners, the EACC reviews appeals, complaints against certification holders, and periodically works on development of certification programs.


An appeal is available to those who have held or currently hold the CEAP®, as well as candidates. Appeal forms are provided upon request from EAPA staff and include instructions on how to submit the form. After the appeal has been reviewed by the EACC, the appellant will be notified of the decision in writing, within 1-2 weeks. The decision, resulting from review of the appeal, is deemed final.


A complaint against a CEAP® holder may be submitted by: (i) any person or entity served by an employee assistance program (or their designated representatives); (ii) any international, national, regional or state professional association of which the EACC credential holder is a member; (iii) any licensing or credentialing authority; (iv) the Board, EACC or Committee. For more detailed information on the Complaints process, please review the Rules and Procedures Regarding the EACC Code of Conduct.

EACC Nominations

Every spring, the EACC will open its nominations period to recruit new Commissioners to serve a three-year term. Commissioner eligibility requirements are outlined below.

Commissioner Requirements:

  • Must be a member of EAPA at the time of application and throughout their three-year term;
  • Must be a current holder of the CEAP® credential in good standing;
  • Must have a working knowledge of CEAP® certification, recertification and reinstatement requirements, and the EACC/CEAP® Code of Conduct.

For more detailed information on Commissioner recruitment, please review the EACC Operating Rules and Procedures.

  Questions? Contact certification@eapassn.org