Guidelines for Use of EAPA Related Social Media
effective 02/18
EAPA has created these guidelines for all those EAPA chapters, branches, officers, directors and members who plan on creating or are currently maintaining an EAPA related social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, wikis, etc. The purpose of the guidelines is to provide guidance on optimal use of social media as well as to protect the values, brand and strategic goals of the Association.

These “official guidelines" will continue to evolve as new technologies and social networking tools become available. Fundamentally, we advocate conscientious and responsible member involvement in this rapidly growing space of relationship, learning and collaboration.

BEFORE creating a new EAPA related blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. run your idea by EAPA's web editor at to ensure that you are not duplicating existing efforts and thereby diluting EAPA’s ability to communicate its message.
  • All EAPA related sites should use the approved EAPA logo. For example, using the logo with the word “International” at the top or “Labor-Management-Consultants” at the bottom cut off is not acceptable. Copies of the approved EAPA logo in a variety of formats are available by request from EAPA's webeditor at
  • EAPA members are personally responsible for the content they post on blogs, Twitter or any other form of user-generated media. Be mindful that what you post will be public and out of your control, perhaps forever. Protect yourself and your Association.
  • Make it clear when you are speaking for yourself and when you are doing so on behalf of EAPA. Special note for chapter/branch leaders & directors: By virtue of your role in the Association, you must consider whether anything personal that you express may be misunderstood as expressing EAPA positions.
  • Client information should never be shared on a public, EAPA-related social media forum. For additional guidance on confidentiality or ethical dilemmas please see the EAPA Code of Ethics or contact
  • Conversations that are internal to EAPA and meant to be confidential or private, should be held in private forums. It is every EAPA member’s responsibility to be sure to share “private” or internal association business online in private (non-public) forums.
  • Individuals who use EAPA-related social media forums are encouraged to be mindful of the frequency and content of posting related to marketing & self promotion. Excessive self-serving promotion and marketing of business or private practices, companies and products is discouraged.
  • The lines between public and private, personal and professional are easily blurred in online social networks. Be thoughtful about how you present yourself in all online social networks.
  • Add value. If a posting helps members do their jobs and solve problems; if it helps to improve knowledge or skills; if it contributes directly or indirectly to the improvement of EAPA's products, processes and policies; if it builds a sense of community; or if it helps to promote EAPA's values, then it is adding value.
  • Remember that there are always consequences to what you post. If you're about to post something that makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable, review the suggestions above and think about why that is. If you're still unsure, please contact EAPA's webeditor at
Questions? Contact EAPA's webeditor at

EAPA would like to thank the Social Media Guidelines Task Force for their work on this document:

Kelly Gallagher CEAP
Marina London, LCSW, CEAP
Jan Price, LCSW, CEAP
Bill Rotchford, MSW, MBA, CEAP
Sarah Bullard Steck, LICSW, LCSW-C, CEAP
Donjanea Fletcher Williams Ed.S.