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EAP’s Role in a Violent World

By Maria Lund, LEAP, CEAP

Orlando. Dallas. Baton Rouge. Paris. Brussels. Violence, sadly, is a part of every week’s world news. In this issue of the JEA, we take a look at the role of EAPs with respect to violence.  

George Vergolias, PsyD, writes on active shooter incidents, a topic that was requested in the JEA reader survey. “There is no doubt that media coverage and societal anxiety around ‘active shooter’ situations has increased greatly in recent years,” George writes. Therefore, it’s no surprise that corporate leaders are looking to critical incident response specialists in our profession for answers. Of the numerous methods for addressing violent (or potentially violent) incidents in the workplace, George describes the three-pronged approach that he favors: a comprehensive active-shooter program that includes a focus on readiness planning, response protocols, and recovery interventions.

In a related article, Robert Intveld, LCSW, CEAP, stresses the importance of peer support in critical incident response. Robert sees peer support as a potential area of opportunity for EAPs, noting that our profession could be getting in on the ground floor of developing these teams in the workplace.

Shootings and other violence aren’t the only incidents that involve suffering in the workplace. Laura Crawshaw, PhD, BCC, explains essential elements of workplace bullying and walks readers through how a bullying incident could be expected to unfold.

Following up on another reader request for coverage on EAPs in Africa, Lisa Finke, MS, CEAP, SAP, discusses the rapid and successful growth of the EA profession in Tanzania. This country in East Africa did not have any EAP providers or even a master’s level training program in psychology or social work until eight years ago!

We all know how important Return on Investment (ROI) is for our many and varied programs. Louis Servizio, MS, Matt Mollenhauer, MS, LCPC, and Tom Shjerven, CEBS, do a good job explaining and offering guidance on this complex topic in their article, “Taking the Mystery out of ROI Calculations.”

Finally, Tech Trends columnist Marina London discusses the impact of the Pokemon GO craze, John Maynard, former EAPA CEO, follows up on the EAP History Project that was introduced in the last issue, and Jeff Harris explains the role of EAP in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

Happy reading!