Banner Ads on the EAPA website

Banner Advertising Rates EAPA Members
$400 per month
$1,000 for three months, paid in advance

$500 per month
$1,250 for three months, paid in advance

Banner technical specifications:

  • Dimensions of the ad: 392 pixels wide by 72 pixels high
  • Format: Gif or jpg
  • Banner file size: not to exceed 100K
  • Posting: Ad will be posted on date requested, no sooner than within 5 business days of receipt
  • Length of run: minimum one month
  • Banner ads can be designed using Flash, a type of graphic animation technology. However, if a Flash Banner ad is uploaded, you will also want to upload a non-Flash image as an alternative to display if the user accessing your site does not have the FLASH plugin installed for their browser. The alternative image (.gif or .jpg) would then display for that user, instead of a broken Flash image.
  • It is critically important to use bright/and or saturated colors and legible fonts in your banner ad design. Consider using has few words as possible to get your idea across.
  • All ads are accepted at the discretion of EAPA.

Materials Instructions:

  • Animation: Animated gifs are accepted with no loop maximum.
  • Link information: Every banner must have a working URL.
  • Statistics: Final impressions/click summary at end of ad terms.

Creating an Account in our System:

Your company needs to have an account in our system before you can purchase a banner ad. Please follow the steps outlined below to accomplish this:

Step 1: Go to and follow the simple instructions. You will be asked to create a username and password to access your account in the future.
Step 2: Once you have a username and password, login and click on the account button in the upper right corner of the EAPA website
Step 3: On the right, under "My Companies", select "Create/Link with Company" Note: If you believe your company is already registered in our system, select "Find Company" to view a list of already established company records. 
Step 4: follow the instructions in the User Account Company Wizard, to Create a "New Company"
Step 5: complete the company information page and then click "Create Company"

Thank you! Now that your company record is established you can proceed with purchasing a banner ad.
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For more information about any of EAPA’s advertising or promotional opportunities, contact the EAPA Development Manager at

As ad blocking software develops, it is possible that some viewers may be blocked from seeing your banner advertisement.