Advertising in the Journal of Employee Assistance Blast

Each quarter, EAPA sends an email blast to our mailing list of over 7,000 announcing the publication of the current digital issue of the Journal of Employee Assistance. This email blast contains two prime spaces for potential advertisers.  Look at a copy of the blast here.

The cost for this unique opportunity is $500 for a one-time ad, and $400 each if buying 4 ads (one for each of 4 quarters), or 8 ads for $300 each (one for each of 8 quarters). There is an additional 10% discount for EAPA members. 

Space Reservations
Complete the online advertising insertion order form.

Artwork Instructions
Email advertising artwork consisting of a png file measuring 300x250 pixels to the EAPA Development Manager at

EAPA reserves the right to reject any advertising that does not conform to, or conflicts with, Association standards. Advertisers and their agencies assume liability for all content of advertisements published. Claims for errors in advertising must be brought to the attention of EAPA within 30 days of receiving copy. Any deliberate attempt to simulate the publication’s format is prohibited, and EAPA reserves the right to place the word “Advertisement” above any ad, which, in EAPA’s opinion, resembles the editorial content. EAPA will not be responsible for errors appearing in the artwork provided by the advertiser. If type or decorative border will not reproduce satisfactorily, EAPA reserves the right to correct the problem at the advertiser’s expense. Please be advised that EAPA cannot guarantee the publication date of the magazine with regard to time sensitive materials.

Payment Policy
If not prepaid, EAPA will invoice for advertising upon publication. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. A one percent late fee will be added monthly to any unpaid balance after 60 days from invoice date. Insertion orders from advertisers with unpaid invoices of 90 days or more will not be honored. No collect shipments will be accepted. 

Advertisers canceling insertion orders must do so in writing 30 days before artwork deadline. 
EAPA holds advertisers and their agencies equally responsible for payment of advertising insertion orders. Advertisers using agencies must provide EAPA with the name, address, and phone number of the person responsible for contracts within the agency. These terms and policies shall apply to all advertising accepted by EAPA and will supersede all advertiser contract clauses not specifically acknowledged.

All ads are accepted at the discretion of EAPA.