EAPA Spring 2022 Membership Campaign: Bring a Friend to EAPA!

How it works:

From May 1 through July 1, a current EAPA Member can bring another EAP/colleague/friend to EAPA Member events, such as:

Find more EAPA Membership Information at the links below!

New EAPA members who join during the Spring campaign (between May 1 and July 1) can list the name of someone who told them and showed them the value of EAPA. Fill out the "referred by" line on the  EAPA membership application form OR submit this simple online form!

EAPA members who are named as referrals will receive:

  • For the first two new members, receive a $10 coupon for EACH member towards any educational program that EAPA conducts. This is a total of $20 in educational credit.
  • For bringing 3-4 members to EAPA, receive a $25 coupon for the third and fourth members in ADDITION to the two $10 coupons. This is a total of $70 in educational credit.
  • For five or more members that are brought to EAPA during this period, members will receive a $50 credit for the fifth and additional members in educational credit. Bringing 5 members to EAPA would result in $120 in educational credit.
  • Educational coupons can be used for any educational program that EAPA conducts (excluding Multiview conference recordings).They must be used by December 31, 2022.

Print PDF Membership Application Form

Submit Application by mail to:

EAPA, 4350 N Fairfax Dr, Suite 740, Arlington VA 22203 USA

or by fax to: 703-522-4585

Questions? Contact!