PDH Approval for Training Providers

 Professional Development Hour (PDH) Approval Process

Training providers are invited to apply for  professional development hour (PDH) approval by the Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC) via this application form. The form must be completed, and submitted with the appropriate fee at least 30 days before the training date. EACC approval cannot be granted once the training date has passed.  

The EACC uses the term “Training Block” to refer to a single EA-related professional development event being submitted, regardless of whether the event is a conference session, workshop, course, training program, seminar, class or on-line training.  Submitting four conference sessions, two seminars and two workshops, for instance, would constitute eight training blocks.

Applications and "block of training forms" must be filled out completely, including submission of learning objectives, a description of course/session content, and speaker bios. An initial date of training must be assigned even for ongoing webinars/series. Educational activities can only be approved for PDH credit in advance of the initial training date. Approvals are good for one year following the date of the Certificate of Approval. 

If your training session is approved, the EACC will assign a job performance domain number and send you a letter of approval. All courses are approved for one year from the date of review and may be presented multiple times during that year. 

Click here for PDH Pre-Approval application form

The Domains are:

Domain I: Employee Assistance Program Design, Administration and Management 
Domain II: Employee Assistance Services to the Organization 
Domain III: Employee Assistance Services to Employees and Family Members.

A certificate of completion, including the name of the sponsor, name of attendee, title of the course, EACC approval #, Domain, date completed, and number of approved PDHs, should be provided to all participants who complete a minimum of 85% of the event.

Stand-alone educational events

Up to ten stand-alone educational events, or a small conference containing ten sessions or fewer may be submitted with a single PDH Approval Application. Each educational activity must be submitted on a separate "block of training form." 

Conferences with more than ten sessions

Each educational activity within a conference is assigned a separate EACC approval number.  Training providers may complete a block of training form for each session, or contact credentialing@eapassn.org for simpler methods for approval. Appropriate fees apply, as per the table below. 

EAPA Chapters/Branches All Other Training Providers

 $30 up to 10 blocks of training

 $5 for each additional block of training

 $60 for the first block of training

 $10 for each additional block of training

EAPA Chapters/Branches may submit up to ten blocks of training for the $30.00 fee. For all other providers of education, the application fee is $60.00 for the first block of training and $10.00 for each additional block of training.

Click here for PDH Pre-Approval application form

Questions? Contact certification@eapassn.org

  Questions? Email or call certification 703.387.1000