DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Qualification

What Is a SAP? 

How Do I Become a SAP? EAPA offers all the required education you need to earn your SAP Qualification:

  • CEAP Credential (one of the approved prerequisite credentials for pursuing SAP Qualification)
  • Qualification/Requalification Training Course
  • Online SAP Exam
  • Advanced SAP Symposium for Continuing Education

DOT/SAP Qualification/Requalification Training Course

EAPA offers virtual training for SAPs! QUALIFICATION/REQUALIFICATION course info available under 'Training Events' below. ADVANCED SAP SYMPOSIUM (monthly webinars for Advanced SAPs only) info available on the EAPA 'Live Webinars' page.  

EAPA SAP training prepares SAPs to provide services to organizations that are subject to DOT rules and regulations. EAPA offers both in-person, classroom training courses and live online, virtual training courses as well. 

The online course is offered as a 4 part webinar series, 4 hours each session. Attendance at all sessions is required for credit.

Classroom trainings are a 2-day, 14-hour event, running from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM each day, with 15-minute AM/PM breaks, and 1-hour for lunch. 

EAPA Online SAP Exam

The EAPA online exam covers all of CFR part 40, including modal rules, Subpart O, and Substance Abuse Professional Guidelines. The exam contains 50 multiple choice questions. Online test takers will know their results immediately upon completion. Save $50 by purchasing our training and online exam BUNDLE!

To Take the EAPA Online SAP Exam:

1. Purchase access to the exam (see “registration” below)
2. Receive an email with instructions on how to access the exam.
3. Complete the exam, and then email confirming completion.
4. The exam score will be verified, and successful candidates will receive exam certificates via email.

Online RE-TEST Information:

Examinees who do not pass the exam are eligible to re-test (rates: $75/member, $100/non-member). There is no waiting period prior to a re-test except for time to process new test credentials. A different version of the 50 question exam will be given each time the EAPA Online SAP exam is taken.


EAPA offers three registration options: 1) purchase both the training and the exam, 2) training only, or 3) exam only.

  • Training & exam bundle pricing: $590 member; $620 non-member
  • Training only pricing: $465.00 member; $495.00 non-member
  • Exam only pricing: $175 member, $225 non-member

Click a link below to register accordingly:


In-person training events are subject to EAPA's COVID policy for in-person events.

EventStart DateEnd DateLocation
No events available.


SAP Examination

Member Fee:$175.00
Non-Member Fee:$225.00


Examinees who do not pass the exam are eligible to re-test (re-register at a reduced registration fee).  There is no waiting period to re-test except for time to process new test credentials.  A different version of the exam will be provided online each time the exam is taken. 
SAP Exam ReTest

Member Fee:$75.00
Non-Member Fee:$100.00

Refund Policy:

No refund will be given after exam has been accessed. All refund requests are subject to a $50 administrative fee.

   For SAP testing and training questions, e-mail  Julie Rochester