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The Key Role of Recovery in Addiction Treatment

By Maria Lund, LEAP, CEAP

Treatment for substance use addiction is at the core of our profession, and we are pleased to report the latest trends and developments in this issue of the Journal of Employee Assistance. In our cover story Tamara Cagney discusses the key role that recovery is playing. This dramatic shift in policy was first presented by Office of National Drug Control Policy Deputy Director David Mineta, at last year’s World EAP Conference. The ONDCP is encouraging EAPs to support the recovery movement, and Tamara concludes by offering some suggestions.

Roger Moss and Alice Tanner explore often-misunderstood legal issues as they pertain to addiction. The authors also point out that recovery practices can resolve conflicts and restore health to the workplace, just as they do for families.

Even choosing an addiction treatment facility for our employee clients is not easy. Mary Peck and Lori Fiester present important facets of effective addiction treatment so EA professionals can feel confident in their recommendations. “Evaluating exactly what form of treatment works best with the individual is of utmost importance,” the authors conclude.

This issue of the Journal has other great articles. Depression remains a major workplace concern, but Tony Kreuch points out that EAPs are often not well-equipped to address affected employees. The author states that a collaborative approach in which all providers are communicating regularly about the person’s care is crucial. Tony discusses the critical elements his company’s on-site depression program, which recently concluded its fifth full year in operation.

As many of you probably know, after 12 years of leading EAPA, CEO Dr. John Maynard is stepping down at the end of the current year. Dr. Maynard reflects on EAPA’s accomplishments during his tenure as well as looking ahead to future challenges in our profession. He has played a major role in the development of our organization and our field, and we wish him well in his retirement.

In his Integration Insights column, Mark Attridge presents a case study with Greg DeLapp on Carpenter Technology’s EAP services from the 1970s until today. They describe the progression of services models and highlight the significance of being woven into the fabric of the company and having strong relationships across all segments of leadership.

Elsewhere, Jeff Harris, Marina London, and Sandra Nye offer insights and observations in their respective columns. Happy reading!